Hey, I'm Liesl A.! I draw, write, design games, model 3D assets, facilitate workshops, and overanalyze.



digital drawing of a dope cyber lady, pink locs, teal and blue and pink background

painting of kitchen elaborate

ag zbrush

ag textured

char turnaround 1

dinosaur zbrush

dinosaur turnaround

3d glitchy city


concept art for 'Renewal', whosewoods.org

renewal background 1

renewal backgrounds 2

renewal character line up

renewal sprite line up


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homo synthetica

code, art, writing and sound mixing (w/ resources from freesound.org)

homo synthetica screenshot 1 homo synthetica screenshot 2 homo synthetica screenshot 3




code, art and sound effects (w/ freesound.org)

music by halina heron

femmepocalypse screenshot 1fp introfpicon



gent set radio

code, art assets

music by robby duguay

gent set radiogent set radio screenshot 2



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Battle Zine Turbo V at Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Toronto ON, May 13-14 2017

Black Artist Market, Toronto, ON, October 23 2016

Femmepocalypse at Indiecade, New York NY, April 29 - May 1 2016

Femmepocalypse at Bit Bazaar Spring Fair, Toronto ON, May 9 2015

Femmepocalypse at Dames Making Games X Vector Game Art Festival, Toronto ON, February 2015

Homo Synthetica at Long Winter TO, Toronto ON, February 13 2015

Homo Synthetica at Bit Bazaar Winter Fair, Toronto ON, December 6 2014


Al Donato, "Homo Synthetica and the Art of Language", Hand Eye Society, March 25th 2016.

Megan Patterson, "Pixelthreads: Reclaiming the Dress-Up Game", The Mary Sue, July 31st 2015.


Centennial College: Game Art and Design


built listening to winamp


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